I’ve Got A Feeling

Shake It Up < I’ve Got A Feeling > Restless

This song starts so poorly that it was quite some time before I didn’t immediately fast-forward it, and eventually discover that – yet again – there was half a good song in I’ve Got A Feeling*; buried as it is in the chorus. But first you have to get past the intro, which is a big ask.

To this day I just can’t stomach the wanna be‘s, can’t get no‘s, they don’t tell no‘s, and we’ve gotta try-y-y-y-y-y‘s. There had already been enough wanna‘s and gonna‘s deposited across Get Ready, WFTSC, and Lost Sirens to fill a doggy bag, but no more. I’d reached the apogee – the furthest point from what I felt was New Order’s sun, and with the light so dim it was time to shut it all down because quite frankly there were more interesting bands to listen to. Sadly I felt that I’d reached the low point of the last album from a band at their lowest ebb. So this was how New Order was going to finish was it … as a fucking cliché?


One day whilst I had New Order loudly on random play I’ve Got A Feeling‘s turgid intro began. Thinking ‘oh no!’ but being unable to get to the next button in time, the song had a chance to play and I was struck by its completely terrific chorus. For 30 seconds I found myself lost in some great leftfield rock, with Bernard singing in-range amidst some classic New Order guitar and bass; all brisk and well-produced. I particularly love the line “don’t ask me why, but I’ve got to leave here” and how it’s sung. Ignoring another crap verse (and some bargain-basement ‘de-doo-doo” filler), the last third of the track is similarly good, with the dual-tracking of vocals and Hooky’s bass riffs. This song actually has potential; but it would have required some brutal revision, and I fear time, money, patience, and enthusiasm had run out at Real World Studios.

I’m hard-pressed to recall – in my opinion – another New Order song that is so yin & yang in terms of garbage / good, and – like Hellbent – unfortunately for me it’s a lasting hallmark of Lost Sirens and is reflected in my rating of I’ve Got A Feeling below. Having said that, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much I’ve enjoyed a decent chunk of the album and I’ll always be grateful to the band for releasing it.

Lost Sirens seemed to me upon its release in 2013 – eight years after being recorded – to be a closing curtain, and the legacy of this once formerly towering and wonderful band was being picked-at like a carcass. Peter Hook hated the others enough to leave New Order and claim that it no longer existed, but seemed to be content to journey with The Light; touring and releasing many live-performance albums of Joy Division and New Order works. Bernard, Stephen and Phil – having shaken something off via Bad Lieutenant – were (re)joined by Gillian (yes!!) and Tom; also releasing the Troxy 2011 and Bestival 2012 live performances – possibly as a statement of continuance of New Order as an ongoing entity, before bringing me to my knees with the promise of a new album and their signing to Mute. Could it be true? Would it be any good? Let’s see…

* It’s funny how Monaco also had a feeling, but I won’t go there…

Rating: xxIoo

Available on: Lost Sirens

6 thoughts on “I’ve Got A Feeling

  1. Spot on Dennis, great chorus some nice Hooky bass, the rest is a bit meh (for New Order anyway), as for the new album you speak of ….. I have one word … resurrection (well maybe a few more).

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  2. Another good review and a fair summing up of Lost Sirens. A collection of good bits buried deep in a pile of half cooked ideas. I was glad they released LS but have rarely listened to it – mostly to appreciate your reviews when posted. Anyway, Complete Music Complete and Neworder’s Muted redemption await…

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  3. For me the chorus saves it, and I’d give it 3 stars. No excuse for the gotta try-y-y-y though. You’re right about the whole vibe at the time. Decent album for most bands, pretty poor and patchy for NO’s standards. Combining this with WFTSC would make that one better, but as a stand-alone this is NO’s weakest effort. So it was very much like this was the whimper that finally ended a once-great story. Seeing NO for the first time after the reunion and the Troxy soundtrack (for me) still seemed in whimper territory – they definitely seemed to miss something with Hooky’s absence. I couldn’t even get up much enthusiasm when they announced a new album. Luckily I was very, very wrong!

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    1. Good mention of the Monaco ‘I’ve got a feeling’ – a catchy, if derivative (of classic New Order) song, and better by some way than this one. Used to love it, but haven’t played it in about 10 years (time to stop work and go on YouTube for a listen)

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  4. sounds like alot of your readers share my sentiment that “finally, we can look forward to the reviews of MC” ! Songs like this one caused me to want to forget that era of New Order, the one that is GR, WFTSC, and LS. I cannot wait to see what you, and all your other readers/fans, have to say about the songs on MC!

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