I’ll Stay With You < Sugarcane > Recoil

I’m a bit grumpy about this song.

On the one hand I enjoy Bernard’s wake-up warning shot across the bow of superstardom, speaking as the voice of experience to his younger contemporaries (or is it to his younger self?), with choice nuggets like “girls just wanna be with ya, lawyers wanna deal with ya” and “it’s made you pretty vain with your perfect hair“. Also the “it’s just another day in the life…” refrain is nicely metred, and is for me the best part of the song.

On the other hand, musically Sugarcane is very cheap & nasty: cheesy funk over a disco beat, heavy reliance on sound patching 101 (house piano, orchestra stabs, and that truly godawful flatulent synth bass used in Hooky’s obvious absence). These sugary ingredients all come together in one of the most uninspiring instrumental breakdowns I can recall from New Order; which is normally where our heroes lift you into another realm altogether. Here it’s a cloying mess, not unlike those ridiculous hipster-donuts you see millennials queuing up for. In fact that’s a suitable metaphor: Sugarcane is the caramel-filled syringe to the can-do-without donut that objectifies much of Lost Sirens.

A B-side at best.

Rating: xxioo

Available on: Lost Sirens

4 thoughts on “Sugarcane

  1. Agree with you Dennis. Worse song on lost sirens in my opinion. Musically it suffers, lyrically it suffers (hey now makes another unwanted welcome).

    A definite republic-esque paint by numbers effort (or should I say lack of effort).

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  2. I don’t mind this so much. Kind of a guilty pleasure. That doesn’t objectively make it a good song, and they did camp disco so much better on Tutti Frutti and POTHL, but just a reminder that even NO by numbers has its moments (in this case, as you say, the refrain). But sugary cheese isn’t very appetising.

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  3. I agree with the analysis, BUT… I really like this track. I have no defence other than it puts a smile on my face. I know it’s not classic new order and on paper it’s ingredients don’t sound great but it doesn’t leave a sour taste in my mouth. Particularly like the drum outro even though it’s probably the simplest thing Steve has ever played/programmed.

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