Best & Marsh

Round & Round < Best & Marsh > Guilty Partner

Best & Marsh works so well as a B-side for Round & Round, don’t you think? A pleasant electro instrumental full of melodies and patterns that satisfy; like a Snickers Bar.

To me B&M sounds like The Art Of Noise on a date with S’Express, and yet there are the signature New Order touches; like the big string chords, Hooky’s perambulations, the clipped electro drum patterns (harking back to their New York influences, but with better programming), and the numerous sweet synth riffs. Nice. And of course there’s that house piano sound in the first break-down, which so defined a genre. I also particularly love the second break-down with just the synth bass and drum machine, which then leads into a smooth and simple synth riff and a lovely arpeggiated sequence that fades-in at the top of the track.

I’ve never seen the full Granada (and Tony Wilson-hosted) ‘Best and Marsh – The Perfect Match‘ for which the track was produced, but it works a treat as the theme.  We all have a New Order instrumental playlist (don’t we?), and Best & Marsh is a true gem; making the whole Round & Round package the best single off Technique.

Put simply, Best & Marsh is an upbeat and blissful track; right in keeping with the tone (at least instrumentally, if not lyrically) of the band’s Technique period, and indeed the upbeat mood of the times. How different the world seems today…

Rating: xxxxo

Most recently available on: Technique (Deluxe Edition)

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