The Village

We All Stand < The Village > 5-8-6

So you’re in your teens or early ’20s, head over heels for someone and finding it difficult to find the right way to express those feelings without coming across as a complete tool. You’re not in the A-group, so you can’t rely on your 6-pack, tatts, money, or celebrity anecdotes to lay on the charm offensive. Your clear choice is the mix-tape; that carefully considered sequence of music laid out on a shiny new TDK, that speaks volumes on your behalf all those complex feelings, moods, and admiration of beauty that are swirling around in your head and heart. Even better if that music is completely atypical, and unlikely to be anything that the focus of your affections will have heard before. Hands up if you ever poured your emotion onto tape and then passed it on with hope and trepidation…

My tape-as-bouquet of choice was always New Order, and The Village is one of those tracks; a leftfield soaring lovesong sung imperfectly to a driving electronic beat, with gorgeous guitar riffs. I just wish Bernard, having sung 90% of the track about the wonders of our love – which is like the earth / sun / rain / sea / trees / flowers / hours etc – didn’t close out the song on their love dying years ago! Typical. A bit of a downer in the master plan, and in danger of requiring explanation. He does it again in Thieves Like Us; love, love, love, love, love, even more love… for everyone but us… Needless to say the tracks on my mix-tapes often segued before I let Bernard spoil things.

A could-have-been-single, and long overdue for live revisitation and/or remix, The Village is nevertheless 5 minutes of glorious upbeat alternative dance; from the synth basslines keeping the feel of the track’s cousins Blue Monday and 5-8-6, to Hooky’s classic rolling bass work, to Morris’s wonderful drum performance, to both Gilbert’s and Sumners chiming reverbed guitar riffs. I particularly love it about 3 minutes-in when the sequencers go into overdrive and Bernard sings about being stuck in the same place and time for too long.

I hope my teenage son can find the modern generation’s equivalent to the mix-tape-as-message as he discovers the good things in life. I fear that a Spotify playlist (or its equivalent) will never be the same. Maybe a carefuly mixed personal podcast? Thoughts on a postcard please…

If a meteor hit now I would die happy on 2 counts; 1) knowing that my mix tape strategy worked, and 2) that my son thinks I have good taste in music. New Order… so much to answer for…

Rating: xxxxi

Available on: Power Corruption & Lies

3 thoughts on “The Village

  1. 8.5 out of 10.

    Almost a love child of Temptation and Age of Consent. The percolating synths complemented wonderfully by the bass and strummed guitar. Bittersweet lyrics are ebullient until the sting is revealed…


  2. I guess usb zipdrives can be the new mixtape media. it is for ME, in my car. It began with “Complete Music”…as the songs were too long for cd…and zipdrives are cheap and easy to create, and easy to give away when you want to impress somebody with your mixtape.


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