Ode To Joy

Too Late < Ode To Joy > Rocking Carol

I’ll just leave this here…


But seriously…

New Order’s* gift to Haçienda members for Christmas 1982 – with the club only 6 months old and the paint still drying – was never meant to be treated as anything other than farce; as lightweight as the flexi disc it was given away on. That it would ever be considered part of the New Order canon – let alone a single – stretches the imagination into unicorn territory.

So… the music itself…

Listening to this track (and indeed Rocking Carol) – which insiders have it as being primarily Stephen and Gillian’s (fault) – I suspect Ode To Joy was written and recorded in about 10 minutes; straight to tape in one take, with the eggnog flowing freely. As my mental picture above suggests, the track sounds like Christmas on Skaro; with Davros unwrapping his new Hornby set, while Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider are held hostage by Daleks in the background – forced to play Beethoven’s 9th on an oscillator. They should have licensed this to the BBC. Clearly Gretton was off his head game and wasn’t thinking clearly.

It’s terrible. But good.

* Actually attributed to B-Music (aka BeMusic), which was the alias used by the band, and variously Bernard, Peter, Stephen & Gillian for publishing, production and remix work, roughly between 1982 and 1986. Refer LTM’s excellent BeMusic compilation.

Rating: xoooo

Currently available on: Ghosts of Christmas Past (Remake)

In the absence of an official Spotify link,
click the icon above to listen to this track.

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